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Sibling Sessions

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Although challenging at times, the bond between siblings can not only be incredibly rewarding, but can also play an important role in developing a child's emotional and behavioural well-being. A sibling session offers siblings the opportunity to strengthen their relationship in a safe and supportive environment.


Sibling sessions involve a maximum of one sibling set for a length of 75 minutes. Sessions incorporate age-appropriate activities to ensure that each session is fun, engaging, and therapeutically productive. As in one-on-one child counselling sessions, various activities are provided to meet the needs and therapeutic goals of each sibling duo. Through various activities, siblings are provided with tools to strengthen their relationship, based on a foundation of authenticity, honesty, trust, kindness, and empathy.


To arrange for a sibling session, please reach out for a complimentary phone consultation. If you have already had a 30-minute consultation by phone and it has been determined that The Mindful Maple is a good fit for you and your child(ren), please contact me directly to schedule an intake appointment.

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