Child Counselling

In-office Chid Counselling

Child Counselling


Each 50-minute session incorporates engaging, age-appropriate activities to ensure that each session is not only fun, but also productive in helping children to manage difficult emotions and develop effective coping skills. The counselling space has been created to provide children with a soothing and comfortable atmosphere where they can feel safe and supported.

During an in-office session, children are always invited to explore their counselling environment and are encourage to initiate activities of their choosing. As every child has different needs and expressions of emotions, an array of therapeutic approaches are available to help bring about positive change. Approaches include art, therapeutic games, mindfulness, movement, bibliotherapy, and most importantly, PLAY. Through various activities, children are provided with tools to meet therapeutic goals, improve relationships, bring about positive change in their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and improve overall functioning and well-being.

Home-based Child Counselling

Child Counselling


Home-based counselling sessions are 50 minutes in length and provide many similarities to both in-office and online treatment deliveries. Counselling offered in-home provides families with the flexibility and convenience of obtaining treatment in the natural comforts of their own home.

For home sessions to be effective, children must be provided a secure place in the home to not only feel comfortable, but also to feel secure enough to share sensitive discussions. Home-based counselling 

can be beneficial for helping a child to more easily generalize newly acquired skills in their day-to-day tasks and environment. It can also be valuable for a counsellor to observe a child's interactions as they occur naturally in the family home.

*Please note, home-based counselling services will only be available to families who are within a 30-minute proximity to my office.

Online Child Counselling

Child Counselling


Although online counselling may not be an ideal choice for every child, attending counselling sessions online, in the comfort of one's home, can prove just as beneficial as in-office sessions. Some advantageous qualities of online treatment for both children and their families include:

  • Children can feel secure and confident in the comforts of home, creating an individualized and safe space with many of their favourite comfort items;

  • As children today are accustomed to technology, an online therapeutic environment can be more familiar and safe, as opposed to attending in person, which can feel foreign and awkward for some children;

  • For families with demanding work schedules and other obligatory responsibilities, online sessions can provide flexibility in accessibility and scheduling, as well as simple convenience;

  • Children will learn to generalize newly acquired skills at home and outside of the counselling environment and encourage more flexible thinking, adaptability, and independence.

Similar to in-office counselling, online sessions are 50 minutes in length and incorporate age-appropriate activities to ensure that each session is fun, engaging, and therapeutically productive. Online counselling requires caregivers to provide children with a confidential and comfortable space for both myself and the child to interact. As in in-office sessions, various activities are provided to meet each child's needs and therapeutic goals. Parents and caregivers will be informed in advance of specific materials required for sessions. Families will have the opportunity to download, print, and prepare the necessary materials to have ready (or will be otherwise arranged) prior to your child attending a session.

If you have questions or concerns about whether online counselling is appropriate for your child, I encourage you to reach out so that we can discuss ways to make your child's counselling journey valuable and enjoyable.


To arrange for your child to attend an initial and/or subsequent counselling session, an initial intake appointment must first be completed with the child's parent(s) alone. If you have not already done so, please reach out for a complimentary phone consultation to inquire about counselling for your child and to arrange for an initial intake session. If you have already attended an initial intake and would like to schedule a time for your child's counselling session, please follow the link here.